Hi there, I’m Kathryn Hall.

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*Quick sideline note before you read the below. I’m currently taking a break from blogging and producing content for this website because I’ve entered a new phase of my life – motherhood! In the meantime feel free to browse the posts that I’ve previously written on this site and check out my list of favourite resources to help you create a business as an introvert*

I’m an introvert, business owner, avid writer and total and utter dreamer. There are a ton more labels I could add to myself but I think that’ll do for now!

When I’m not sat at my computer you’ll most likely find me rambling through the British countryside while knee-deep in mud and daydreams. Alternatively, I love hibernating and am well known for curling up on the sofa with a good book, snuggly blanket and monster cup of tea.

If you’re a gentle creative, sensitive soul or free spirit who walks on the quieter side of life then welcome. You’re in the right place.

Though it’s gone through many transformations, in essence this site is a culmination of all those lessons learnt on my continuous journey to following my dreams, caring for myself, and living a life that’s completely true to who I am.

It’s the ups and downs, the challenges, the highlights, the practicalities, the books I read, the amazing people I meet along the way, and the scary ‘heart-on-your-sleeve’ moments that come as part of the territory when putting yourself out there and doing things your own unique way.

As a highly introverted individual who gets easily knackered by the art of spoken communication I want to show you that even the quiet ones can do great things. That you aren’t the only one having those ups and downs. And that even those people who seem to have everything worked out really, really don’t.

Like everything this is a journey. We’re all in it together. And whatever stage of your life you arrive here from, I hope that you’ll stick around and join me.

With much love + gratitude

Kathryn x

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