How to run a business as an introvert

How to run a business as an introvert

Imagine this scenario…

Your name has been ticked on the register at the door and a badge has been slapped on your jacket ready to announce to the room who you are and how exactly you can be of use to anyone.

Having been directed to the table of coffee and croissants you automatically walk over and help yourself, only realizing afterwards that you don’t have enough limbs to carry your coffee, croissant AND bag whilst still being able to do the obligatory shaking of hands with everyone you meet.

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Stepping away from the laptop: A cosy cottage, Stonehenge, and lots and lots of rain.


Hello and welcome to a brand new blogging series which I’ve aptly named Stepping Away From The Laptop.

As you’ve probably guessed, I love the internet. Being able to share my work online has completely transformed my life and given me the freedom to work from home, connect with people across the world, and find the fulfilment I always craved from a job. In many ways it’s been absolute bliss.

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On feeling the fear and doing it anyway


Here’s a secret about yours truly. Nearly 7 years ago I met Mr Right through the utterly terrifying world of online dating.

Yep. Shy, introverted little me plucked up the guts to create a profile (perhaps the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write) and put myself out there to meet complete strangers in bars before deciding if we were ‘compatible’ enough to spend the rest of our lives together. Or, you know, maybe just go for another drink.

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Confession time: I’ve committed the cardinal sin of business

Deer next to mountains

Well hello there!

If you’re new here then welcome. It’s so lovely to have you here. If you’ve been following me for a while then thank you for sticking around and being part of this journey with me. I never go a day without appreciating all the support I’ve had over the last few years as I’ve built up this community of free spirits and quiet dreamers.

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Running a business as a highly sensitive person


Today’s post is written by Andy Mort

Highly sensitive people process the world deeply. They desire intrinsic meaning in their life’s projects, and get more easily overstimulated by sensory input. As a result many of us may choose self-employment as a way to thrive in the world of work, doing something that brings us the freedom, control and purpose we desperately crave.

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Speaking their language: 3 tips for writing authentic copy that resonates clearly with your reader


Today’s post is written by Tanja Gardner

Finding it hard to figure out your business writing voice? You’re not alone!

Back in June, I ran a survey asking my audience of mostly introverted, heart-based entrepreneurs about their biggest copywriting challenge. The answers that came back were varied, but a couple of responses cropped up over and over again.

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