How to run a business as an introvert

How to run a business as an introvert

Imagine this scenario…

Your name has been ticked on the register at the door and a badge has been slapped on your jacket ready to announce to the room who you are and how exactly you can be of use to anyone.

Having been directed to the table of coffee and croissants you automatically walk over and help yourself, only realizing afterwards that you don’t have enough limbs to carry your coffee, croissant AND bag whilst still being able to do the obligatory shaking of hands with everyone you meet.

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Confession time: I’ve committed the cardinal sin of business

Deer next to mountains

Well hello there!

If you’re new here then welcome. It’s so lovely to have you here. If you’ve been following me for a while then thank you for sticking around and being part of this journey with me. I never go a day without appreciating all the support I’ve had over the last few years as I’ve built up this community of free spirits and quiet dreamers.

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Running a business as a highly sensitive person


Today’s post is written by Andy Mort

Highly sensitive people process the world deeply. They desire intrinsic meaning in their life’s projects, and get more easily overstimulated by sensory input. As a result many of us may choose self-employment as a way to thrive in the world of work, doing something that brings us the freedom, control and purpose we desperately crave.

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Do your dreams change from day to day? You’re not broken, but you might just be a scanner

Dreams change

Today’s guest post is by Carla Watkins of

These days, when I mention a new business idea, I know I’ll be met with some rolling of eyes and muttered comments of “oh no, not ANOTHER one” from some people.

I’ve planned, tested and scrapped more businesses than most people will ever run, had seventeen jobs in nine years, have driven my loved ones up the wall with my inability to pick one thing and stick to it, and am still justifying to some people the decision to close my web design business, when it was on track to make enough money to let me quit my day job.

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The Quiet Way is here!

Twitter rectangle the quiet way final

I am absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of my brand new e-course The Quiet Way.

Early on in my start-up journey I soon learned that the traditional business advice that is so often preached, simply didn’t work for me.

Unlike many of my extrovert counterparts who wanted to get ‘out and about’, I had no desire to attend networking events, present to large audiences, or be interviewed on live radio to raise awareness about what I did.

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7 ways to simplify your business and create space in your schedule

Simplify your business

 I am an enormous fan of simplicity.

So much of the anxiety and stress we experience throughout our lives comes about because our world has become a busy, cluttered and complicated place.

As human beings we have created a world where options are boundless, where travel is easy and where we are always connected. It is amazing in so many glorious ways.

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