Trying to find your perfect career? Why I stopped trying to choose just one thing

Trying to find your perfect career

You know when you are sat with a careers adviser at school (if you were lucky enough to even have one?!) and they ask you what job you’d like to have when you are older?

Well, I didn’t ever really know.

Sometimes I thought I did. And then I started the job and realised that actually no, I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

Because quite frankly, I don’t want to do one thing forever and ever for the rest of my life. And I never have done.

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The secret to actually achieving your goals in 2015

Achieving your goals

As we reach the final days of the year I’ve been taking time to think about what I’ve achieved and what my goals are for the upcoming months.

So much has changed for me over the last few years and it still amazes me that only 3 years ago I was still in a full time job that I hated, feeling lost, unsure of myself and with no idea which direction to head in.

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How to find some direction by using Pinterest

Follow your dreams

Finding direction can be hard sometimes.

You know you want change in your life, you know you want to do the things you love, you know you want to wake up feeling more alive and content in this world than you currently do…

But, how do you begin to create amazing change when you aren’t even sure what makes you happy? When you don’t really know what you want or what you love?

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Feel like giving up? Read this.

Just keep going 2

On Friday I cried. Not full blown uncontrollable tears of grief, but tears all the same.

I wasn’t successful in bagging a piece of work that I desperately wanted. And I felt sadness for it. It was a moment when I felt I had failed. A moment when things hadn’t gone to plan. A kink in the journey that challenged my strength.

I know as well as anyone that success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes trial and error, ups and downs, highs and lows, fun and laughter as well as sadness and tears.

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One huge mistake I made when starting a business (and how you can avoid it).

ditch the shoulds 2

I remember those early days very clearly.

Engulfing myself in business and entrepreneurial blogs, magazines and groups I soaked up all the teachings of others like a sponge. It turned out there was a lot to learn. A lot I should be doing. And a lot I had to get my head round.

From the tools I should be using, to the marketing methods I should be trying, to the plans and goals I should be creating… the list was endless.

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3 signs that it’s time for a career change

New ending

A few years ago I had a severe case of the career blues. All the signs were there – I felt them in my body, heart and soul every time my alarm went off in the morning.

I knew what was wrong, and I knew the reasons. But sometimes it’s hard to create change, hard to escape the daily routines that are dragging us down, hard to see the other options.

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