Speaking their language: 3 tips for writing authentic copy that resonates clearly with your reader


Today’s post is written by Tanja Gardner

Finding it hard to figure out your business writing voice? You’re not alone!

Back in June, I ran a survey asking my audience of mostly introverted, heart-based entrepreneurs about their biggest copywriting challenge. The answers that came back were varied, but a couple of responses cropped up over and over again.

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How to get started with SEO

How to get started with SEO

Today’s post is written by Danielle Zeigler

Being an introverted entrepreneur can be tricky, especially when it comes to marketing your business. I can bet that hearing the phrases “cold calling” and “networking event” make you cringe and want to hide a little bit, right?

Thankfully, we have websites and blogging which give us a chance to represent ourselves without always having to step outside of our comfort zones or exhaust ourselves trying to explain what we do in person.

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The introvert’s guide to writing authentic (and effective) sales copy

The introvert’s guide to writing authentic (and effective) sales copy

Today’s post is written by Sally Cameron

Us introverts possess a multitude of strengths tied implicitly to our introversion.

We’re independent, self-reflective, innovative, analytical, and loyal. We do our best work alone, and have a rare ability to concentrate for extended periods, retreating inwards to our own zone of genius.

What doesn’t come so naturally though is the ability to come out of our shells / caves / home offices, climb onto a virtual roof top, and shout loud and proud about our greatness to an audience of watching, judging eyes. In fact, just the thought of that is decidedly icky.

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Nervous of networking? Here’s an alternative.

Nervous of networking

As a quiet introvert, attending networking events has just never done it for me – even the word ‘networking’ can send shivers down my spine!

But of course as introverted business owners we still need to raise awareness of what we do…so what’s the alternative?

In this post, I share one of my all-time favourite ways of connecting with others and growing my business (while honouring my need for quiet, alone time).

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The Quiet Way is here!

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I am absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of my brand new e-course The Quiet Way.

Early on in my start-up journey I soon learned that the traditional business advice that is so often preached, simply didn’t work for me.

Unlike many of my extrovert counterparts who wanted to get ‘out and about’, I had no desire to attend networking events, present to large audiences, or be interviewed on live radio to raise awareness about what I did.

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