Why I gave up networking events and walked away from the BBC

Walked away from BBC

Kathryn’s journal: 9th September 2011

I went to my first networking event today. Not sure whether it was really worth it. I met some nice people but I’ve only exchanged details with one person and she’s right at the beginning of her business so I don’t have high hopes for her getting in touch. I felt really nervous going today and now I feel completely and utterly shattered. I didn’t really enjoy it at all to be honest.

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How to sell yourself without being a sellout


Today’s guest post is by founder of Introvert Spring, Michaela Chung.

Introverts keep their best stuff inside—that is, until it is ready. And this drives extroverts crazy! The explanation for the introvert’s behavior—and there must be an explanation for this behavior, say the extroverts—is that he or she is antisocial, out of touch, or simply a snob. ~ Laurie Helgoe

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Should introverts go to conferences?

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Today’s guest post is by fellow introvert and Founder of Twisted Sleeve, Jo L K Moore

The introverts were, I assume, at home hiding under their duvets on the day that conferences were voted the business world’s preferred form of networking. But despite our clear handicap in this area, we’ve have had a good crack at it. A quick Google search reveals pages and pages of survival guides, top tips, and plans of actions to help weary introverts power through the seemingly never-ending “nice to meet you”s.

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How to get more visitors to your website (the introvert-friendly way)


Imagine this scenario.

You’ve done it. You’ve actually done it.

After battling the techie barriers, working out what’s what, and then making things look ever so pretty – you now have your very own gleaming website.

Sitting back and looking at the creation infront of you, you feel pride, excitement and nerves. This is it! This is the beginning. You’re ready to get out there and make your mark on the world. One huge footprint at a time.

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Why I’ve never bothered with a business plan. Or fancy business cards for that matter.


If I ever found myself in the Dragons’ Den I can tell you with absolute certainty that I’d fail. Big time. And most likely be sent from the room empty handed and shaking in my boots while the Dragons raised their eyebrows and laughed at my naivety.

“She hasn’t even got a bloody business plan” Duncan Bannatyne (the scariest, grumpiest Dragon on UK TV) would growl as I shuffled out of the room. “What a joke…”

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Why you don’t have to act like an extrovert to excel in business


Today’s guest post is by Marketing Consultant and fellow introvert Fran Swaine

When people find out I work in marketing they automatically assume I’m an extrovert. If you met me at a networking event the person you meet probably wouldn’t challenge that assumption either. Why? Because I’m a good actress and have spent many years learning to behave like an extrovert.

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