On feeling the fear and doing it anyway


Here’s a secret about yours truly. Nearly 7 years ago I met Mr Right through the utterly terrifying world of online dating.

Yep. Shy, introverted little me plucked up the guts to create a profile (perhaps the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write) and put myself out there to meet complete strangers in bars before deciding if we were ‘compatible’ enough to spend the rest of our lives together. Or, you know, maybe just go for another drink.

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Building resilience through mindfulness

Building resilience through mindfulness

Today’s post is written by David Johnson

Building a business can find us leaving a breadcrumb of emotions behind us. At the risk of littering your desktop here are some of mine, “Joy…Happiness…Frustration…Inspired…Despair…Fogginess…‘Yeah!’ moments…Fatigue…Freedom.”

At the top end, joyful feelings can give me that feeling of invincibility, that I have this solopreneur thing finally licked. Twenty four hours later I am contemplating throwing the towel in and brushing up my CV for the job market.

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The Power of Vulnerability [Inspiring Video]

The power of vulnerability

We all need a boost of inspiration now and again and the videos that I share on this blog can do just that. Bookmark them and return to them whenever you need a pick-me-up!

If you’ve not come across Brene Brown before this TED talk is a great introduction into what she’s about.

Funny and touching in equal measure this powerful video is a reminder that joy comes from those moments when you dare to be vulnerable. It’s one of the most popular TED talks of all time and for good reason.

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How are you restoring your energy?

How are you restoring your energy?

Today’s post is by Tahlee Rouillon of Sonesence

It’s no secret that as an introvert, you need a lot of time on your own to process your thoughts, emotions and desires. And there is absolutely no shame in that.

But when you’re alone, are you filling yourself up with the right kind of energy?

It’s easy to try to numb the feelings of being drained by spending too much time with others by using “shadow pursuits” – like drinking too much, or watching too much TV.

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How to embrace your so-called ‘flaws’, no matter what.

How to embrace your so called flaws

Today’s guest post is by Grace Kelly of The Modern Creative’s Resource 

In life we can often find it easier to embrace all the positive aspects of ourselves. Especially if those aspects are seen as a boon by, or desired by, others.

What I mean by that is, you might be cool with sharing the fact that you went to college, run your own business, or that you’re able to play a slammin’ little ditty on the ukulele while standing on your head.

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