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Today’s guest post is by fellow introvert and Founder of Exploring Your Depths, Cathy Carpenter.

When I sat down to write this guest article, I was exhausted. I had a busy prior week and a busy weekend, and I wasn’t able to claim much introvert time for myself to rest and recharge. I was at a loss as to how I could boost my energy enough to write my article about introverts and energy!

When we are tired, we often forget all of the resources we have learned. We get tunnel vision and can’t see beyond our own tired nose.

Here is what I did to climb out of the tunnel and the steps you too can take to claim a boost of energy.

1. Give yourself permission.

The very first step is to recognize I’m stuck in tunnel vision and give myself permission to do something differently. One of my favorite teachers, Denise Linn, likes to say that if you keep doing what you’ve done you’ll keep getting what you got. Make a little change or three and you’ll get a new outcome.

2. Ground.

I took off my shoes and felt the floor under my feet. I felt my bottom and back supported by my chair. I got out of my tired head and into my body. Grounding in your body helps detach you from what’s going on in your head, whether that is anxiety, frustration, embarrassment, or a temporary mental block.

3. Breathe.

Sit up straight, then take a deep breath and let it out fully. Pay attention to your posture; keep your neck tall, your shoulders back, and your head neutral. When your spine is straight, your lungs have more space to fill. With more oxygen in your body, you will naturally feel calmer.

4. Stretch.

My tiredness was more mental exhaustion than actual physical exertion, so I put a towel on the floor and did some simple yoga stretches; cat and cow, down and up dog, and seated twists. Get the blood flowing in your body and your thoughts might flow more effectively, too.

5. Have some tea.

I’m American, but I’m gaining respect for the British tradition of tea as a cure-all. Water is very soothing, warmth is very comforting, and different blends can impart different qualities. In this instance, I steeped a cup of peppermint tisane. It was mid-afternoon, so I didn’t want the full-on stimulation of caffeine in black tea, but the perky mint aroma was enough to help my senses attune a little sharper and make me feel more able and alert.

This whole process took about 15 minutes. It didn’t completely reverse my exhaustion (I’ll still need to make time for a more comprehensive rest very soon), but it gave me a boost to get through my task instead of procrastinating or making excuses or apologies.

Think about what might help boost your energy in a pinch. Perhaps you don’t do yoga, but a quick stroll up and down the hall would work, or a couple of jumping-jacks. Maybe a piece of dark chocolate would perk you better than tea.

Decide what works for your emergency energy boost and write the list on an index card to put in your purse or wallet; or on a sticky note on your laptop. Next time you’re dragging and need to get something done, you’ll have your process figured out already. Then you just need to remember that you have a list of resources at the ready!


What emergency energy boosters do you turn to when you feel tiredness kicking in? Leave a comment below!


About the Author: ccarpenter 0912

Cathy Carpenter is a creativity/life coach, tarot reader, fiction writer, blogger, visual artist, crafter, dreamer, and planner. She is on a path to find more deep satisfaction in her daily life creatively, emotionally, and spiritually. She wants to mix the magical and the mundane. As she’s exploring, she likes to share what she’s learning and would love to help you explore these themes as well. Go deeper. Explore your depths.

Cathy’s latest e-class, Healing as an Introvert, starts April 4 2014. You can get 10% discount by entering the following code at checkout: 2014akha10.

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2 thoughts on “How to claim a boost of energy

  1. For me it’s also stretching (especially where I touch my knees with my forehead, there’s something about being upside down), some meditation or a walk outside in the fresh air (that’s kinda like breathing). I do love me some tea as well.

  2. A boost of energy for me is EXERCISE and ironically not so! When you can, exercise in the morning (for me it’s cycling), especially before heading to work or do it while you are heading to work. The feeling I get from that helps start my day right and gives me more energy throughout the day.

    I also like all the suggestions that you’ve put down Cathy, sign me up for some tea and stretching!

    IntrovertJoe : )

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