Confession time: I’ve committed the cardinal sin of business

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Well hello there!

If you’re new here then welcome. It’s so lovely to have you here. If you’ve been following me for a while then thank you for sticking around and being part of this journey with me. I never go a day without appreciating all the support I’ve had over the last few years as I’ve built up this community of free spirits and quiet dreamers.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name’s Kathryn Hall and I’m a freelance virtual assistant, avid writer (when I’m in the mood!), multipotentialite (which basically means I have a ton of interests and can never settle on one thing!), introvert (obvs), total dreamer (who happens to be ultra organised) and founder of The Business of Introverts – phew! There are a ton more labels I could add to myself but I think that’ll do for now!

I like to think of this site as the home for quiet types with big dreams because I for one am exactly that – a quiet type with big dreams! For the most part I’ve had a very happy life. I had a stable upbringing, have a loving family and supportive group of friends, I eat delicious food, have always had a roof over my head and am in love with a photographer called Ollie who makes me laugh every day that I’m with him.

But my career? Well, over the years that’s been less happy. I’ve changed jobs countless times, have spent hours commuting to teams and offices that sucked the life and soul out of me, have worked in open plan environments that only served to drain me, and have struggled with my confidence on every step of the journey.

Fun? Absolutely not.

And so, a few years ago (after a particularly horrendous job move) I decided to take the leap to ditch the restrictions and stifling offices so I could care for myself, gain more freedom, become the boss of my own life and do things my own special way.

It was the start of a new and exciting chapter in my life. I was going self-employed.

But of course nothing is as easy as all that and I’m the first to admit that I’ve hit many brick walls over the last couple of years (not least with The Business of Introverts). As I’ve battled with finding my true writing voice this blog in particular has been through a variety of transformations to see what works. And I have to say that over recent months I’ve really struggled.

With so many businesses, blogs, podcasts, newsletters and people shouting about how you can create a six-figure business by sitting on your arse and drinking sangria, it’s incredibly easy to get sucked in by what everyone else is doing. And somewhere along the way I dove head first into committing the cardinal sin of business ‘Thou Shalt Not Follow the Crowd’.

Drawn in by comparisonitis and a fear that I wasn’t doing it right I soon found myself writing the same-old ‘how-to-list’ posts that millions of other people across the globe are writing every single day. Useful? Maybe. Exciting, bold and interesting? Not exactly.

And…well, things soon began to go wrong.

As I followed the course that everyone else was taking, after a while I became totally bored by writing, less enthused about the project as a whole, and found myself struggling to bring in the shares and comments that had once been piling in enthusiastically.

The Business of Introverts simply didn’t feel like me anymore. I’d got so caught up in what other people were doing that I’d lost the thread of why I started the blog in the first place.

And so, I stepped back. I hibernated. I started running. I walked in the woods. I journaled. I focused on my VA business. I met people. I brought in guest writers. And I took some time to figure out where I was going and what I wanted.

And over time I’ve realised that I need to go back to basics. To return to the seedling idea that was planted right at the start…It’s about sharing my story to help others.

Moving forwards The Business of Introverts will be a culmination of all those lessons learnt on my continuous journey to finding success while caring for myself along the way. It’s the ups and downs, the challenges, the highlights, the practicalities, the books I read, the amazing people I’ve met along the way, and the scary ‘heart-on-your-sleeve’ moments that come as part of the territory when putting yourself out there and living a life that’s true to you.

As a highly introverted individual who gets easily knackered by the art of spoken communication, I want to show you that even the quiet ones can do great things. That you aren’t the only one having those ups and downs. And that even those people who seem to have everything worked out really, really don’t.

Like everything this is a journey. We’re all in it together. And whatever stage of your business travels you arrive here from, I hope that you’ll stick around and join me.

With much love and gratitude

Kathryn x

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One thought on “Confession time: I’ve committed the cardinal sin of business

  1. Hi Kathryn, I just wanted to say thank you for saving me from this cardinal sin!

    Last year I was getting into blogging, trying to tweet & trying to run a FB page and it felt very out of my comfort zone but rewarding for a while. And then it stopped being rewarding and just felt very very awkward & so I pretty much stopped doing anything much for months & months.

    I then did your business of introverts course, it popped calmly & reassuringly into my inbox each day & I realised the problem was that I was trying to be someone I wasn’t. I’m now feeling much more on track; I’ve been writing blogs (& even sharing them!) & the FB page has been resurrected, hopefully to gain some likes soon as I work out my posting schedule. I will go back & revisit your emails as I only had time to skim some of them & know there is a lot more to be gained from them. Thank you so much.

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