Feeling drained? 19 ways to restore your energy for the new year

19 ways to restore your energy

A new year has begun.

As the fireworks, celebrations and parties die down you may find yourself feeling drained and exhausted from all the festivities.

For me, New Years Day always signals the start of a fresh new chapter. It’s time to step back, find some quiet time and indulge in some serious self-care and restoration.

This is about re-charging your batteries, gently raising your energy levels, and giving your body and mind exactly what it needs so you can begin 2015 feeling healthy, optimistic and ready for what the year has to bring.

To help you on your way, below I have listed 19 ways to care for yourself, restore your energy and find your mojo.

It’s time to take some time for you, so sit back, relax and enjoy!

1. Find some quiet

Life has become increasingly busy and with the chaos of the last few weeks we sometimes forget to rest and just be. If you’re feeling drained, try sitting with a cuppa and simply watch the world go by. Rest, breathe, observe. The world is a remarkable place – take some time to enjoy it.

2. Be thankful

Sit down, look around you and list all the things you are grateful for. This exercise not only brings you back to the present moment but it also reminds you of all the wonderful things you have in life. Take time to focus on what you do have rather than what you don’t and you’ll be well on the way to feeling upbeat.

3. Have a soak

Whenever I feel low in energy, I always run myself a long hot bath. Turn it into a ritual by lighting some candles, putting on some calming music and just letting the tiredness melt away.

4. Get nutritious

When you’re feeling tired it can be very tempting to reach for the junk food. However a few hours later you will likely feel a whole lot worse. Try cooking yourself something delicious and nutritious to give your energy levels a healthy boost and help your body fight off any winter bugs.

5. Step outside

Rather than staying inside and wallowing, grab your coat and head outside. There’s nothing like feeling the sunshine or wind on your face to make you feel alive. Plus moving your body and going for a walk will do you the world of good.

6. Clear your mind

If your brain feels like it’s full to the brim with muddled thoughts then meditating can help you release the mind chatter and find some focus. Guided meditations that lead you through calming visualizations can be a great way to get started.

7. Get some sleep

Have there been lots of late nights recently? Getting a few decent nights sleep can do the world of good for restoring your energy levels. Try getting some early nights and giving your body a chance to recover.

8. Try journaling

If you need a release then journaling can be a wonderful tool for this. Whenever you feel the need, try picking up a pen and letting the words flow out of you and on to the paper. Just the act of writing down your thoughts can free them from your mind. It’s also a great way to reflect on the year gone by and your goals for the future.

9. Play some music

Music can work as a wonderful antidote to anxiety, stress or exhaustion. Dig out some of your favorite tunes, hit play, and then simply let the music soak into your body. For an added boost to your happiness levels try singing along to your heart’s content. It works for me!

10. Clean and declutter

There is something hugely therapeutic about having a good spring clean. If your cupboards are piled high with clothes and knick-knacks that haven’t seen light of day for years then get rid of them. The more simplicity and beauty you can bring into your life, the easier it will be to see the silver lining.

11. Let go of the past

Are you carrying difficult memories from the previous year? If so, it’s time to forgive and let go. Try sitting down, thinking about the memory, and allowing yourself to forgive yourself or the people involved. This can take time to master but the more you practice, the lighter you’ll feel.

12. Dress up

Looking in the mirror and liking what you see can affect how you feel on the inside too. Rather than pulling on any old clothes, try dressing up in a favourite comfortable outfit that makes you feel good inside and out.

13. Use your imagination

Try lying down, closing your eyes and thinking of a time when you felt happy, vibrant and energized. Just taking this time to move your mind from a tired, negative space to an optimistic, energetic space can really help to give you a quick pick-me-up.

14. Treat yourself

A simple act like buying yourself some flowers or getting a massage can lift your spirits no end. The more love and respect you give yourself, the happier you are likely to be, so take action to provide yourself with what you need.

15. Laugh out loud

There’s something incredibly powerful about laughter so try watching something you know brings a smile to your face. The Friends episode where Ross can’t get into his leather pants always does it for me!

16. Read a book

There’s nothing quite like curling up on the couch and getting your nose in a book to give you that feel-good factor. Rather than reaching for the remote control, engulf yourself in a great story to let the adventure pull you in.

17. Start moving

Even though you may not feel like it, getting the blood pumping through your veins can really help to lift your energy and happiness levels. When it comes to keeping fit there are many options to choose from so try things out and find something you love. If hula-hooping your way round the park does it for you, then keep at it!

18. Be proud

If your self-belief needs a gentle boost, try writing down all the things you have achieved over the previous year. From being a good mother, to passing your driving test, to starting a business, get it all down on paper. Take some time to bask in the glow of all your successes and you’ll feel right as rain.

19. Get intuitive

I’m a big believer in listening to your heart and doing what feels right for you. As you move into this new year don’t forget to find time to check in with yourself so you can listen to those gut instincts and shape your life to suit you.

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4 thoughts on “Feeling drained? 19 ways to restore your energy for the new year

  1. Love this list, Kathryn – interestingly, I’m doing some major decluttering in my life and home right now, and it’s amazing what it does for my energy levels.

    I’ll definitely be pointing the folks in my introvert community towards this post – there are some great suggestions here 🙂



  2. Wonderful list, Kathryn! I agree with what you said about decluttering. I cleaned and organized the main living areas of my home in December and feel such an improved sense of peace every time I walk in the door. This month, I’m determined to tackle the hidden clutter. First up, is my master bedroom closet. I start and end my days in that closet and I really want it to reflect simplicity and calm. Thanks, as always, for your lovely posts!

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