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The Sanctuary is a private online (and free!) community for introverts in business.

Think of it as a gentle and encouraging place of support where you can ‘meet’ with others in a virtual space, ask questions, get inspired, and feel part of a group of incredible introverts doing things their own unique way.

You’ll also receive my free audio series designed to help you embrace your introversion, escape the overwhelm, and run your business with ease. 


Chris Guillebeau_opt copyIt can be isolating as an introverted business owner. We face unique fears and challenges to build businesses that thrive in a noisy world.

The Business of Introverts community has given me a safe little sanctuary to turn to for support, inspiration and advice from fellow quiet types. I eagerly anticipate every new post and comment!

Katherine Tate, The Quiet Life


Chris Guillebeau_opt copyI love the online space Kathryn has created…it is soft and supportive, quiet and calm…a true Sanctuary in an online world that can otherwise feel crazy and overwhelming. There is a sense of familiarity and understanding from others in the group…you don’t feel the need to explain yourself, knowing that you are surrounded by people who understand and support your way of being in the world.

Heather Borkowski, North Star Nomad


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