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More Joy, Your Way is the introverts’ guide to living a happy, healthy and empowered life.
After years of feeling lost, unsure of my place in the world, and exhausted by my career, 2011 was the year when I stood up, took life by the reigns and empowered myself to create a life that made me feel good. It was a moment in time that changed my life for good and I’ve honestly never look back.
Within this guide I share the 7 core principles that I have adopted and infused into my life. These are the commandments by which I now live day to day. They are empowering, uplifting and life-changing, and I am delighted that they have led me to be here with you today.


Written with you in mind, you can expect to find guidance, written exercises and practical tips that you can implement right here, right now.

If you’re ready to find your joy and live a life that fits, then sign up below.