How are you restoring your energy?

How are you restoring your energy?

Today’s post is by Tahlee Rouillon of Sonesence

It’s no secret that as an introvert, you need a lot of time on your own to process your thoughts, emotions and desires. And there is absolutely no shame in that.

But when you’re alone, are you filling yourself up with the right kind of energy?

It’s easy to try to numb the feelings of being drained by spending too much time with others by using “shadow pursuits” – like drinking too much, or watching too much TV.

Even though I fall slightly towards extroversion on the extroversion/introversion scale – I still need a significant amount of time to myself – especially when I’m in creative flow.

I would pour a lot of energy into my work, into my relationships and into being productive. But whenever I was feeling depleted, I wasn’t restoring my energy properly. I was bingeing on chocolate & ice-cream and television in an attempt to feel better and more at ease.

Unfortunately, the peace of mind I was seeking wasn’t at the bottom of a tub of ice-cream. I was hiding away and numbing out instead of rejuvenating with solitude.

There is a world of difference between retreating to restore your energy and withdrawing to hide from the world.

These days, I’m more conscious of my energy states and how to navigate them. And by far and away the best tool I’ve ever used to restore my wellbeing is meditation.

Here are three ways you can practice meditation to restore your energy whenever you’re feeling trapped, drained or “I gotta get the hell outta here”:

1. Walking Meditation

Being in nature is a beautiful way to reconnect with yourself and restore your energy.

Head to your favourite park or find a new destination to explore. Walk slowly and deliberately, paying exquisite attention to the sights, sounds, scents and sensations around you. You can even describe to yourself in your mind what you’re noticing, like “I see the trees move in the breeze”, “I hear the birds chirping”, “I smell the scent of damp earth”, “I feel my feet within my shoes”.

2. Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is the simple art of paying attention. The simplest and most profound way to practice mindfulness meditation is to watch the breath. Sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Take three deep breaths and settle into your position. Then, count each breath – one on the inhale, two on the exhale, three on the inhale, four on the exhale… all the way up to ten. Then start from the beginning again. Thoughts will naturally intrude as it is the mind’s job to think. So allow the thoughts to come, notice that you’ve been distracted and then begin counting from one again.

3. Writing Meditation

Allowing your thoughts to stream forth onto the page in streaming consciousness is an excellent way to process the flurry of thoughts and feelings that can build up over time. Instead of worrying and ruminating, breathe deeply and allow whatever wants to be expressed out onto the paper. Without judgement or analysis, just let your mind freely wander across the page. Let your subconscious mind take over and express itself. Afterwards, take a few deep breaths and imagine the pages being blown away like leaves in the wind. Let go of all that has transpired and feel the relief that comes from surrendering to the present moment.

my headshotAbout the author

Tahlee Rouillon is a meditones composer for peace seekers & wellness entrepreneurs.

Meditones directly stimulate relaxed neural activity with a simple pair of headphones. This means that as you use them, your brain is rewiring itself to be more calm and resilient, effortlessly.

You can receive a free meditones preview over at and experience this transformation for yourself.


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