Praise for The Business of Introverts

Chris Guillebeau_opt copyI wanted to write and let you know how much The Business of Introverts and specifically your course has helped me to re-invent my own business and help me through a dark and difficult patch where it felt like I was not getting anywhere…

Your website and course have opened my eyes to a new way of things and most importantly have encouraged me to keep thinking, to keep creating and to work with my strengths…

Everything was delivered with your gentleness, empathy, encouragement and experience. It was immensely supportive and inspiring at the same time. I have kept all the e-mails and will be returning to them on a regular basis… Heartfelt thanks.

Jo Blackshaw, jojourneys


Chris Guillebeau_opt copyI love Kathryn’s calm manner. This comes across beautifully in her writing which is informative too.

Every time I go to the The Business of Introverts website I feel myself relax. I’m new to running my own business and I’ve found it great to have such a lovely role model to look to.

Andrea Jordan, Learn, Discover, Be Free


Chris Guillebeau_opt copyThe Business of Introverts is a safe and yet inspiring corner of the net where I go when I want to feel refreshed and connect with other internal folk like myself!

In my eyes, Kathryn handles and supports the issues of introversion within business with kid gloves, while at the same time bolstering and encouraging us all, on every step of our business journey.

It is most CERTAINLY the home for quiet types with big dreams, and a wonderful asset to gentle and courageous business people. I can see myself dipping in and out of TBOI for years to come.

Grace Kelly, The Modern Creative’s Resource


Chris Guillebeau_opt copyIt can be isolating as an introverted business owner. We face unique fears and challenges to build businesses that thrive in a noisy world.

The Business of Introverts community has given me a safe little sanctuary to turn to for support, inspiration and advice from fellow quiet types. I eagerly anticipate every new post and comment!

Katherine Tate, The Quiet Life


Chris Guillebeau_opt copyI would highly recommend Kathryn’s course to anyone who would love to build a business, but who feels uncomfortable with the so-called ‘traditional’ methods. It makes you feel you are on the right path and it is ok to be a quiet achiever.

Fleur McDonogh, To Proofread


Chris Guillebeau_opt copyThe best thing about a space dedicated to introverts is that I don’t need to preface anything I say with the usual ‘you’ll probably think I’m a bit weird for saying this…’ or ‘I know this will sound strange to you…’. I trust that everyone else understands exactly where I’m coming from, and I can just get straight to the point. It’s unbelievably refreshing.

Gwyneth Marshman, Writer


Chris Guillebeau_opt copyI love the Business of Introverts website – it’s a place to find calm encouragement, inspiration and useful advice.

Reading Kathryn’s blog posts and course emails have made me realize that being an introvert is not a barrier to running a successful business.

Thanks Kathryn for sharing your story and creating this wonderful community!

Sarah Wiseman Art


The Business of Introverts is a haven for smart, ambitious people who walk on the quieter side of life. It’s a greatly supportive community which not only nurtures a diverse range of solopreneurs, but also offers thoughtful, constructive advice on how to make your business a success. I’m so glad I found this community.

Sophie Taylor, Tongue Untied


Chris Guillebeau_opt copyWhat attracted me most to Kathryn Hall’s course was that it promised a peep into her world as an introverted entrepreneur.

She dares to be vulnerable and share some of her true feelings and personal experiences, yet frames them as a journey with positive ways of coping that are suitable for sensitive, creative souls – this has made me feel less alone and has really made a difference to me this past month… Thank you Kathryn with all my heart.

Tomer Rosen Grace, Tomer’s Fountain


Kathryn’s community is a sanctuary of calm on Facebook. Whenever I find myself in the ‘Facebook-click-loop’ when I mindlessly click because I am over stimulated, I go into Kathryn’s group and sanity restores itself. I enjoy some peaceful authentic grounding interaction and then close, I am out of Facebook and getting on with my day.

Rosie Slosek, One Man Band Accounting


Chris Guillebeau_opt copyThe best thing about The Business of Introverts for me is that it has helped me find out so much more about myself. I now have a belief that anything is possible if I plan and move towards my goals in a way that suits me.

My life is wonderful, I feel like a veil has been lifted, I can see clearly and the path is being laid out for me. Kathryn, may I take this time to thank you for your website, Facebook page and of course, you really have and will continue to make a difference.

Joanne Cooper, Kimbee


I think your advice for fellow introverts is fantastic and inspiring. Everything you write certainly rings true for me – it’s a real breath of fresh air. As such, I decided to take my blog to the next level to see where it gets me, so thank you for the confidence boost! Your podcasts really gave me something to work towards.

Laura Hemmington, The Whole Ingredient


Chris Guillebeau_opt copyI love the online space Kathryn has created…it is soft and supportive, quiet and calm…a true Sanctuary in an online world that can otherwise feel crazy and overwhelming. There is a sense of familiarity and understanding from others in the group…you don’t feel the need to explain yourself, knowing that you are surrounded by people who understand and support your way of being in the world.

Her course has the same supportive energy, packed with lots of useful info and tips, but delivered in the perfect bite size amounts to easily digest. I looked forward to my daily dose of inspiration and connection, and will continue to return to them to again and again.

Heather Borkowski, North Star Nomad


I am drawn back to Kathryn’s writing again and again as, to borrow from a well known saying, I feel as though she wears her heart in her blog. Kathryn’s willingness to be vulnerable and share her experience of running her businesses while embracing her introverted needs I have found inspiring and has challenged me as to what I am able to truly offer in my work.

David Johnson, Crossing The Threshold