Nervous of networking? Here’s an alternative.

Nervous of networking

As a quiet introvert, attending networking events has just never done it for me – even the word ‘networking’ can send shivers down my spine!

But of course as introverted business owners we still need to raise awareness of what we do…so what’s the alternative?

In this post, I share one of my all-time favourite ways of connecting with others and growing my business (while honouring my need for quiet, alone time).

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Why I gave up networking events and walked away from the BBC

Walked away from BBC

Kathryn’s journal: 9th September 2011

I went to my first networking event today. Not sure whether it was really worth it. I met some nice people but I’ve only exchanged details with one person and she’s right at the beginning of her business so I don’t have high hopes for her getting in touch. I felt really nervous going today and now I feel completely and utterly shattered. I didn’t really enjoy it at all to be honest.

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