7 ways to protect your energy as an introverted parent

7 ways to protect your ene

Today’s guest post is by Tarissa Helms of Introverted Mama

I sat on the bathroom floor with my head in my hands. Meanwhile, little fingers wiggled beneath the door and tiny voices called, “Mom, are you in there?” I adore my children. But in that moment, I was desperate for breathing space.

As introverts, our brains are hardwired to need downtime. Interacting with others expends energy while periods of solitude recharge our internal batteries and are vital to our well-being. As parents, sometimes we fail to realize the time we spend with our children can be as draining as the interactions outside our homes … often more so. If we’re not careful to manage the way we spend our energy, we find ourselves poured out with nothing left to give.

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