Do your dreams change from day to day? You’re not broken, but you might just be a scanner

Dreams change

Today’s guest post is by Carla Watkins of

These days, when I mention a new business idea, I know I’ll be met with some rolling of eyes and muttered comments of “oh no, not ANOTHER one” from some people.

I’ve planned, tested and scrapped more businesses than most people will ever run, had seventeen jobs in nine years, have driven my loved ones up the wall with my inability to pick one thing and stick to it, and am still justifying to some people the decision to close my web design business, when it was on track to make enough money to let me quit my day job.

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Trying to find your perfect career? Why I stopped trying to choose just one thing

Trying to find your perfect career

You know when you are sat with a careers adviser at school (if you were lucky enough to even have one?!) and they ask you what job you’d like to have when you are older?

Well, I didn’t ever really know.

Sometimes I thought I did. And then I started the job and realised that actually no, I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

Because quite frankly, I don’t want to do one thing forever and ever for the rest of my life. And I never have done.

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