7 ways to simplify your business and create space in your schedule

Simplify your business

 I am an enormous fan of simplicity.

So much of the anxiety and stress we experience throughout our lives comes about because our world has become a busy, cluttered and complicated place.

As human beings we have created a world where options are boundless, where travel is easy and where we are always connected. It is amazing in so many glorious ways.

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Why I gave up networking events and walked away from the BBC

Walked away from BBC

This post is a sneak peek into my mini-course Full Disclosure


Kathryn’s journal: 9th September 2011

I went to my first networking event today. Not sure whether it was really worth it. I met some nice people but I’ve only exchanged details with one person and she’s right at the beginning of her business so I don’t have high hopes for her getting in touch. I felt really nervous going today and now I feel completely and utterly shattered. I didn’t really enjoy it at all to be honest.

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Lovely Links: January 2015

Lovely links Jan 2015

Lovely links is a monthly round-up of inspiring articles, nourishing goodness and feel-good tit-bits from around the web. Have a browse, get inspired and discover all the wonderful gems that are out there!

1. One of my favourite ladies Gala Darling, answers the question ‘How can you run a heart-centred business without being aggressively self-promotional?’ Read it here.

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Trying to find your perfect career? Why I stopped trying to choose just one thing

Trying to find your perfect career

 This post is a sneak peek into my mini-course Full Disclosure

You know when you are sat with a careers adviser at school (if you were lucky enough to even have one?!) and they ask you what job you’d like to have when you are older?

Well, I didn’t ever really know.

Sometimes I thought I did. And then I started the job and realised that actually no, I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

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10 Popular Blog Posts from The Business of Introverts

10 favourite reads

Christmas day is nearly here! Which means it’s time for me to step back, switch off my laptop and you know, actually take a break.

To round off the year before I delve head first into Christmas films and scoffing mince pies, here is a round-up of 10 of the most popular posts from The Business of Introverts blog.

Have a browse and see if there’s anything you missed the first time round.

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