Feel like giving up? Read this.

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On Friday I cried. Not full blown uncontrollable tears of grief, but tears all the same.

I wasn’t successful in bagging a piece of work that I desperately wanted. And I felt sadness for it. It was a moment when I felt I had failed. A moment when things hadn’t gone to plan. A kink in the journey that challenged my strength.

I know as well as anyone that success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes trial and error, ups and downs, highs and lows, fun and laughter as well as sadness and tears.

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One huge mistake I made when starting a business (and how you can avoid it).

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I remember those early days very clearly.

Engulfing myself in business and entrepreneurial blogs, magazines and groups I soaked up all the teachings of others like a sponge. It turned out there was a lot to learn. A lot I should be doing. And a lot I had to get my head round.

From the tools I should be using, to the marketing methods I should be trying, to the plans and goals I should be creating… the list was endless.

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Can introverts ever have too much alone time?



Can introverts ever have too much alone time?

If you’d asked me this question a few years ago when I was still in a crazy busy full time job, I would have said no. I craved alone time with an absolute passion and would hold on desperately to every single moment of solitude that I could find.

However, these days life is a little different. Now that I work from home full time (most of which is spent on my own), I would say that yes, there is such a thing as too much alone time, even for someone as highly introverted as me.

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How to maintain your energy during busy times

Solitude Matters

Every now and again I love to put a question out to the online world so that other introverts can share their experience, knowledge and tips for how they live their lives and honour their introversion.

This month, we’re talking energy.

I’ve found that during my life both as an employee and a business owner, it’s the busiest times in my life when I’ve really needed to work hard to protect my energy and care for my need for solitude and quiet time. In this busy world that we live in where ‘to do’ lists can reach to the moon and back, I believe it’s more important than ever to really listen to your body, follow your gut instincts, find the rest that you need, and nurture your need for alone time.

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What would you do differently if money were no object?

Head in the clouds 2

This is a sneaky peak into my online course Quiet Creations: Kick-Start

I love having my head in the clouds.

Allowing daydreams to take over from conscious thought is often where I have my most creative moments and ideas. It also happens to be something that many introverts are brilliant at.

This exercise is all about letting go of reality for a moment and thinking about your perfect life. I want you to imagine that the world is your oyster. All the usual practicalities that can hold you back are no longer barriers. Money is no object and you can literally wish for anything.

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