How to get started with SEO

How to get started with SEO

Today’s post is written by Danielle Zeigler

Being an introverted entrepreneur can be tricky, especially when it comes to marketing your business. I can bet that hearing the phrases “cold calling” and “networking event” make you cringe and want to hide a little bit, right?

Thankfully, we have websites and blogging which give us a chance to represent ourselves without always having to step outside of our comfort zones or exhaust ourselves trying to explain what we do in person.

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The beauty of listening over talking (and why I love being the quiet one).

The beauty of listening over talking

This post is by Kathryn Hall, Founder of The Business of Introverts

On Saturday I went for an eight mile hike with my partner Ollie and three other friends.

Armed with a picnic of crusty bread, cheese, olives and elderflower cordial to quench our thirst we set off enthusiastically to walk The Hidden Valley – a beautiful area of rolling hills, grazing sheep and poppy fields that sit quietly behind the bustling city of Brighton.

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Introverts in Business: Melyssa Griffin of The Nectar Collective

Melyssa Griffin living-room-2. opt

Welcome to the first of an ongoing interview series where we’ll be meeting other introverts in business who have found their own unique version of success.

First up in this series I want to welcome Melyssa Griffin – blog coach, web designer and founder of The Nectar Collective: an online support hub for creative bloggers and entrepreneurs.

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Lovely Links: Books, awkward greetings, a quiet revolution + more

Lovely links June 15

Lovely links is a monthly round-up of inspiring articles, practical tips and delightful goodies from around the web. Have a browse, get inspired and discover all the wonderful gems that are out there!

1. Although social media can be an incredible way for introverts to connect with others, I know from experience that it can also be completely exhausting. In this post Lisa Barber shares the reason why it’s time to relax.

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The introvert’s guide to writing authentic (and effective) sales copy

The introvert’s guide to writing authentic (and effective) sales copy

Today’s post is written by Sally Cameron

Us introverts possess a multitude of strengths tied implicitly to our introversion.

We’re independent, self-reflective, innovative, analytical, and loyal. We do our best work alone, and have a rare ability to concentrate for extended periods, retreating inwards to our own zone of genius.

What doesn’t come so naturally though is the ability to come out of our shells / caves / home offices, climb onto a virtual roof top, and shout loud and proud about our greatness to an audience of watching, judging eyes. In fact, just the thought of that is decidedly icky.

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The Power of Vulnerability [Inspiring Video]

The power of vulnerability

We all need a boost of inspiration now and again and the videos that I share on this blog can do just that. Bookmark them and return to them whenever you need a pick-me-up!

If you’ve not come across Brene Brown before this TED talk is a great introduction into what she’s about.

Funny and touching in equal measure this powerful video is a reminder that joy comes from those moments when you dare to be vulnerable. It’s one of the most popular TED talks of all time and for good reason.

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